1. I didn’t realize putting on a play _____ so much work. 

2. Today is a special day for us. _____ it’s our wedding anniversary. 

3. After non-stop running for 10 miles, he now feels _____. 

4. I like Jolin’s newly _____ album. All the songs are so beautiful. 

5. The police did not have _____ evidence to justify this charge. They really need to provide more evidence in this case. 

6. Fruits are good for us, and I always eat two _____ of various kinds of fruits every day. 

7. Mary: Why are you paying for the hotel room on your own for this business trip?
Tom: My company will _____ me afterwards. 

8. Prices of almost all commodities have gone up a lot recently, and the government is trying hard to keep _____ down. 

9. Hikers and campers often become infected by drinking water from _____ streams. 

10. We are looking for the best _____ to apply for this job. 

11. Uber eats and Foodpanda are the two _____ delivery services in Taiwan. 

12. When people apply for jobs, they need to double check the _____ requirements for a certain position. 

13. Henry accidently deleted all the information by _____. 

14. She is going to give a presentation tomorrow, and she feels a lot of _____. 

15. We appreciate your _____ to shop at our store. 

16. _____ the bell rings, the teacher locks the door to prevent the late comers from entering the classroom. 

17. When I was young, I enjoyed _____ around in the kitchen. 

18. MayDay’s concert is always popular, so you _____ book your ticket in advance. 

19. The exam won’t start _____ all students have put their books into their school bags. 

20. This poor child _____ confidence and needs a lot of encouragement. 

21. David: Honey, I’m so sorry that I missed your birthday party; I had to work last minute.
Melody: I know you’ve been busy lately, but you _____. 

22. If you _____ me about his dishonesty, I wouldn’t have married him. 

23. _____ you watched any movies lately? 

24. We need to take good care of _____. 

25. _____ who are interested in keeping their body in good shape should exercise frequently. 

26. The magic show _____ to bring about 10,000 audiences, 50 % more than last year. 

27. The new Thai restaurant _____ in August next year near the Taipei Main Station. 

28. Please feel free to contact us if your order is not _____ on time. 

29. Mandy Gibson is the person _____ you must speak to, for she could teach you how to be a successful YouTuber. 

30. Due to the recent typhoon, many animals and their feeds _____ away by flood waters. 

31. 克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】
  We all experience misunderstandings occasionally. I had one recently that really taught me a lesson. My friend Parker was assigned as group leader for a project in chemistry class. We were  31  to create an acid-base reaction to launch a model rocket. Everyone in the group wanted the launch to go well, so we all had lots of idea to  32  . However, Parker wouldn’t listen to anyone else. He seemed really bossy and stubborn, which was out of character for him, and everyone got sick and tired of working with him.
   33 , I was angry at him, because I thought being chosen as group leader had just gone to his head. But soon I began to wonder what was going on with him when I noticed that he’d quickly leave school at the end of every day. Then one day, I was walking by the hospital after school when I saw Parker outside pushing his grandmother  34  a wheelchair. She looked really sick, and I immediately realized the  35  of Parker’s weird behavior. This experience taught me that in the future, I should communicate more directly so that there would be no misunderstanding.


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36. 克漏字測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】
  For centuries, people have wanted to be rich and famous. It used to be that this was hard to  36 : the cost of publishing, producing music, or becoming a politician was prohibitive for most. However, the Internet Age has reduced costs  37 . As a result, there are more ways than ever to  38  people themselves. For young people, the dream often centers around video.  39 , many Generation Z or “GenZ” dream of becoming YouTubers. However, just like any other social media influencer, there is no age  40  to make an influence on any platform. While “influencers” do not always generate a positive impression on the general public, YouTubers have become public cultural icons.


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41. 閱讀測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】
  Today it’s my turn to give the weekly oral report. And the topic that Professor May has assigned me is the life of the poet Emily Dickinson. Compared to Whitman, whom we discussed last week, I found Emily Dickinson strikingly different. She seems in fact to be the complete opposite of Whitman in her life and in her work. I would like to share briefly with the class some of the essential facts of her biography. Emily Dickinson was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, barely a decade after Whitman. In her early twenties, for a reason which still remains a mystery, she began to withdraw from ordinary contact with the world. For the remaining 30 years of her life, she was seldom seen outside her home. In this respect, she was quite unlike Whitman, who loved the great outdoors and was quite actively engaged in some outdoor activities. Emily Dickinson spent her solitary days corresponding with friends and writing hundreds of remarkable poems. Although she showed some of her poems to her family and sent some in letters to friends, only four were published in her lifetime. Most of her poems, almost 1,200 of them, were discovered in her home after she died in 188 These poems established her as a major poet. Several modern critics consider her the greatest woman poet in the English language. Uh, that’s about all I have. Now let’s begin talking about Dickinson’s “I’m Nobody,” which Professor May assigned for today’s discussion.

※請依上文回答問題※Who is the speaker? 

42. ※請依上文回答問題※ What is the main topic of the report? 

43. ※請依上文回答問題※ How did Dickinson compare to Whitman? 

44. ※請依上文回答問題※ What was the discussion topic of the previous class meeting? 

45. ※請依上文回答問題※ What will the class do at the end of the oral presentation? 

46. 閱讀測驗【請依照段落上下文意,選出最適當的答案】
  Did you know that as recently as a few generations ago, one of the most common forms of entertainment was listening to actors in radio dramas? During the 1930s, for example, radio audiences had to imagine the scenery, the action, and even the performers’ physical appearance. Nowadays, modern acting comes in various forms and can be classified into three types: stage acting, television acting, and film acting.
  Of the modern types of acting, the oldest form is stage acting. Plays, ranging from Shakespearean classics to more modern hits, are performed in large theaters and on small community stages. The same performance is repeated in stage acting, and the stage sets stay the same for each performance. Also, stage acting is “live,” so using understudies or replacement actors is crucial. Because of this reason, many people say there is nothing more entertaining than watching actors performing live on the stage.
  Television acting could be the best-known type of acting. This type of acting generally is done for television programs produced in a studio. The storylines change weekly as writers create new dialogs and scenes for the main characters. Actors come to work five days a week to rehearse their lines. Television scenes can be filmed repeatedly until the actors get them right. With TVs in practically every household, it is no wonder this is the most familiar form of acting.
  Finally, there is film acting. Filming acting begins with a screenplay, which includes all the written information about the set and the actors’ dialogs and grows into a movie. It can be filmed anywhere in the world. For instance, if the story takes place in Brazil, the film crew and actors go on location in that country to film. Because it is not a live performance, directors may request that an actor repeat a scene until they are happy with the results, which can mean much work for the actors.
  Whichever form it takes—stage, television, or film—it is interesting to note that different forms of acting have unique characteristics. However, regardless of the acting one prefers, it is safe to say that audience members will continue to appreciate the craft of acting as long as it provides such enjoyable entertainment.

※請依上文回答問題※ What is the main point in the first paragraph? 

47. ※請依上文回答問題※ Which of the following statements is NOT true about stage acting? 

48. ※請依上文回答問題※ What are the main things that actors in a television acting do five days a week? 

49. ※請依上文回答問題※ Why do actors have to do lots of work in film acting? 

50. ※請依上文回答問題※ What is the general topic of the passage?