1. The goverment plans to _____ a new tax on luxury goods in order togenerate additional revenue for social welfare programs. 

2. Everyone was impressed with their dignity and _____ while they werein vigil for their late mother. 

3. Inadequacy of security measures is hard to be tackled, because communitypolicing is expensive and, in an era of budget cuts, increasingly _____ . 

4. To protect the environment, the company has made progress in reducingits carbon _____. 

5. The willingness of readers to _____ on the content of the stories ratherthan to accumulate knowledge of concepts or terms will make the reading easier and more pleasant. 

6. The charity was established to offer essential assitance to _____children who lack access to basic education and healthcare. 

7. The industry is being _____ by high interest rates and inflation;investors and economists are seriously worried about the current situation. 

8. The founder's donation left a lasting _____, funding scholarships forgenerations of deserving students to come. 

9. As the captain of the ship, he appointed the fi rst mate as his _____ totake over in case of emergencies. 

10. Despite the chaos and commotion around him, the wise old manremained _____ and continued to meditate in peace. 

11. With the plague severity decreasing over time, there is little or no _____for people to get vaccinated now. 

12. My art teacher always says that using the non-dominant hand could lift thespirits, free the imagination, and, most importantly, _____ creativity. 

13. Plastic bags are not _____ , that is, decades after they are buried in alandfi ll, they become nothing but still plastic bags. 

14. Two companies have agreed to close a division of their business asa(n) _____ move to avoid public criticism. 

15. The European Commission _____ TikTok from most of its employees'phones, citing security concerns. 

16. The project deadline happens to _____ with my vacation plans, so Ineed to ensure that all work will be completed before I leave. 

17. The poachers killed the elephants so they could make a fortune by _____the ivories overseas. 

18. Dana visits her parents in New York at regular _____, usually everythree months. 

19. The red carpet was filled with excited fans and flashing cameras asthe _____ couple made their grand entrance to the movie premiere. 

20. The artist's tireless dedication to his craft resulted in a(n) _____ ofwork that was both beautiful and thought-provoking. 



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What is the main idea of the passage? 

27. Which of the following tones best describes the passage? 

28. According to the passage, which of the following factors is NOT thechallenge to the research about the jellyfi sh Turritopsis dohrnii? 

29. According to the passage, which of the following is the main factor howTurritopsis dohrnii might help to solve the problem of ageing? 

30. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?