1. Power outage, floods, and _____ are often the results of typhoons. (111年合作金庫考題) 

2. _____ health care is the sector where most job opportunities are available comes as a surprise for some. (107年第一銀行考題) 

3. The information _____ is the rapid increase in the amount of published information or data and the effects of this abundance. (110年第一銀行考題) 

4. _____ sad and hopeless, the old man walked on the streets without paying attention to the traffic. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

5. This radio show features _____ of some interview content, because time does not permit complete versions. (107年臺灣銀行考題) 

6. It was _____ experience that I still remember it clearly today. (111年第一銀行考題) 

7. If you missed the latest _____ of the show, you can watch it online now with a minimum membership fee. (108年第一銀行考題) 

8. The relationship between positive thinking and success is clear, but _____ is truly surprising is that the causal arrow may go both ways. (111年臺灣銀行考題) 

9. To everyone’s surprise, the long-time friend of the candidate voted for his _____ in this year’s election. (109年彰化銀行考題) 

10. The water at the surface of the sea is warmer than _____ at greater depths. (111年第一銀行考題) 

11. When choosing sofas, darker colors are generally better for _____ a lot of wear and tear. (107年第一銀行考題) 

12. The firm _____ its success to a talented staff and an open culture that honors individual creativity and nurtures teamwork. (108年第一銀行考題) 

13. _____ risk putting into that type of business. (110年合作金庫考題) 

14. The bad weather did not upset the students. _____, they were more excited than ever.  (111年兆豐銀行考題) 

15. _____ that caused the delay. (112年土地銀行考題) 

16. We have seen _____ after the passing of the new law. (108年合作金庫考題) 

17. Opinions _____ when it comes to whether to use nuclear power as our main source of energy for electricity. (108年合作金庫考題) 

18. Waking up with a hangover can be awful. The intense headache coupled with random waves of nausea _____ usually enough to make you consider giving up drinking forever. (109年合作金庫考題) 

19. Drug trials did not provide sufficient _____ that the medicine is effective. (109年彰化銀行考題) 

20. Global food consumption has _____ in the past 50 years. (108年合作金庫考題) 

21. Smoking is strictly _____ inside the laboratory. Violators will be fined and expelled immediately.  (111年合作金庫考題) 

22. The data analysis firm at the center of a recent scandal said it is declaring _____ and shutting down. (107年第一銀行考題) 

23. The recruitment of new engineers is _____ to reinforce the competitiveness of this company. (108年臺灣中小企業銀行考題) 

24. It’s ridiculous that the necklace costs fifty dollars only but the box costs _____. (111年第一銀行考題) 

25. Students are often encouraged to work _____ on the tasks they are given because care and effort are valued. (110年臺灣銀行考題) 

26. French consumer spending _____ faster than expected last month on a sharp rebound in clothing and car sales. (109年第一銀行考題) 

27. Buying smaller homes enables home owners to reduce living costs _____ utility bills. (107年第一銀行考題) 

28. Recent research has led people to believe that the negative effects of smoking can be _____ to some extent by following a healthy lifestyle. (108年合作金庫考題) 

29. I like to drink black coffee. The stronger it is, _____ I like it. (110年合作金庫考題) 

30. If I _____ the leader of our class, I would not suggest that we have a trip to Japan this year. (109年臺灣銀行考題) 

31. A new television series teaches handicapped children _____ can and should think about career development. (109年彰化銀行考題) 

32. As _____, he is greatly admired by fans of contemporary plays. (109年第一銀行考題) 

33. A visitor to a museum was able to crack the combination to a safe _____ for 40 years on his first try. (109年第一銀行考題) 

34. Walking is a good way to _____ a city. You can see almost every corner of the place. (107年土地銀行考題) 

35. Everybody is going to the movie on Saturday _____ for Mom. She said she wanted to take care of our pet dogs and cats. (109年臺灣銀行考題) 

36. After Peter got home, he found that his wallet was _____. (110年土地銀行考題) 

37. Without a decisive leader, the organizing process was redundant and _____. (108年彰化銀行考題) 

38. When World War II broke out, my grandfather fled his country and thus became a _____. (108年彰化銀行考題) 

39. _____ Butterfly, the new device is small in size and energy efficient. (108年第一銀行考題) 

40. _____ I see him in person _____ he has arrived safely. (112年兆豐銀行考題) 

41. Sammy _____ to Canada on vacation. You will not be able to see him until next month. (108年兆豐銀行考題) 

42. The Costco international stores in ten countries have proven that the Costco formula works just as _____ with consumers outside the U.S.. (109年合作金庫考題) 

43. Environmentalists believe that we ought to leave a clean and healthy environment for our _____ to live in. (109年合作金庫考題) 

44. _____ a car instead of buying one usually means lower monthly payments and the freedom to drive a new car every few years. (111年土地銀行考題) 

45. After hearing the bad news, the poor man just _____ and couldn’t think clearly for the next 20 minutes.  (111年兆豐銀行考題) 

46. The recent series of unfortunate events made him feel _____ and lost all hope. (111年第一銀行考題) 

47. _____ about the danger of fire by his mother, Tom is now more cautious when he uses lighters. (112年臺灣銀行考題) 

48. Understanding basic mathematics is _____ to building a strong foundation for more advanced scientific concepts. (112年臺灣銀行考題) 

49. If the proper card is not installed inside that computer, _____ impossible to start that complicated graphics program. (108年合作金庫考題) 

50. The apartment is a _____ purchase as Tom bought it just two weeks ago. (110年土地銀行考題)