1. After John gets married to my elder sister, he will become one of our family _____. 

2. My brother’s business project had made a big profit for his company, so he got a _____. 

3. Things that one cannot buy with money are usually of great _____, such as health and love. 

4. Social distancing works because it _____ healthy people from coming in close contact with sick people. 

5. The rich man _____ to the charity every year. 

6. Heart _____ is one of the top ten causes of death in Taiwan every year. 

7. I didn’t eat anything for dinner last night, and _____ did my husband. 

8. Time flies! My daughter is _____ 18 years old next week. 

9. Jerry had his house _____ colorful because he felt like doing something eye-catching. 

10. I stayed at home this weekend, _____ my room and _____ my laundry. 

11. We thought the professor solid and serious when we first met him. _____, he is a humorous and considerate person. 

12. I haven’t been to Hualien _____ almost ten years. 

13. If you’d like to lose weight, you had better _____ regular exercise. 

14. You should study _____ hard _____ you can if you want to enter your ideal university. 

15. A: Your mother doesn’t look her age.
B: Really?
A: It’s true. __________ 

16. A: Sherry, are you going to the convenience store now?
B: Yes.
A: __________
B: No problem. Do you want it black or with cream and sugar?
A: With cream and sugar. 

17. A: Mike is a super worker in our office.
B: I wonder how he can do so many things at a time.
A: __________
B: Maybe that’s his secret to success. 

18. Roger: Taking a cold shower in winter is good for our health.
Mark: I can’t believe it. __________
Roger: Well...no. It’s just my personal opinion. 

19. Susan: Why do you look so nervous?
Jonny: __________
Susan: Just try your best. I know you are the best and you can get the job! 

20. Michael: Do you want to go on a trip to Japan with me?
Nancy: __________
Michael: I feel so excited. I think we can start planning the trip tonight.