1. Don’t _____ going to see the doctor, or your illness will get worse. 

2. Police are still looking for _____ or information that can help them findthe missing girl. 

3. _____ my mother, washing clothes by hand is better than using awashing machine. 

4. The government has posted a surprising list of new kinds of animalswhich may die off soon if we don’t take _____. 

5. Jeff got an email about the meeting tomorrow and _____ it to hiscoworkers. 

6. The seemingly ancient India Pavilion is full of marvelous modern _____. 

7. In a society where water is _____, it has to be shared fairly amongindividuals. 

8. Joseph is very anxious about applying for this job, because there aremany _____ for the same position. 

9. The serial murderer _____ his victim to a deserted apartment where hecould easily harm her. 

10. David was granted a _____ on his new invention—a device that candetect the sudden change of the water level in the river. 


※請依上文回答問題※ What ticket reservation does George make? 

12. ※請依上文回答問題※ Which of the following messages is not shown? 

13. ※請依上文回答問題※ What information does George not have to offer in order to book theticket? 

14. ※請依上文回答問題※ When is the deadline to pay for the reserved ticket? 

15. ※請依上文回答問題※ Which of the following statements is true?