1. I     a shower when the doorbell rang.  (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

2. Frank didn’t know the answer to the ______ math question, so he turned to the smartest student in his class for help. (111年度台中捷運考題) 

3. We need to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

4.     contributing thousands of dollars to charity every year, Ms. Lyon is also a loyal patron of our museum. (107年度桃園捷運考題) 

5. A: Can you recall when the meeting is scheduled to begin?
B: _________________________ (109年度台北捷運新進技術員(電子類)、隨車站務員、常年大夜技術員、站務員(身障類)考題) 

6. Reading can broaden your _____. So, read as many different kinds of books as you can.(109年度桃園捷運考題) 

7. It is hard to get along with Tina. She has no _____ for other people’s ideas and always gets her away. (108年度台中捷運考題_技術員(機械類)、技術員(電子電機類)、技術員(土木類)、技術員(資訊類)、技術員(土木類)) 

8. My nephew plays _____ the soccer team for his high school. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、常年大夜技術員) 

9. These problems were definitely _____ ones I have ever solved.(111年度台北捷運考題_新進技術員、司機員(原住民類)) 

10. Housing prices in Taipei City have soared extremely in recent years, which _____ younger households from purchasing houses there.(109年度桃園捷運考題) 

11. A: How many more tickets are left for the concert this weekend?
B:       . (107年度台北捷運考題_新進各類技術員) 

12. Make sure to _____ your important computer files regularly.(111年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員(一般類)) 

13. It is great to see Lincoln’s famous advice to the young people: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people _____, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

14. The manager has been very impressed by the level of     shown by the new sales representative.(題目修改,但不影響答案) (107年度桃園捷運考題) 

15. Someone _____ the office last night and stole all the valuables. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

16. Don’t get excited yet! Some researchers actually indicated that the     of the oil price could be a sign of deflation.  (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

17. I need something for a formal interview. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

18. Exercising for thirty minutes is one of Anita's daily _____. She does it every day and that's how she keeps fit. (110年度桃園捷運第一次新進人員考題) 

19. The new accountant is considering     to another department. (106年度桃園捷運考題)

20. The _____ has a toolbox full of screws and nails. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

21. A: How did you get to work today?
B: _________________________ (109年度台北捷運新進技術員(電子類)、隨車站務員、常年大夜技術員、站務員(身障類)考題) 

22. An entirely new policy for dealing with an increasing academic suspension and withdrawal made by our students _____ by the executive committee in our college. (109年度台北捷運新進控制員(二)、專員(二)考題) 

23. The tsunami was     horrible and damaging that the residents would remember it for the rest of their lives. (103年度桃園捷運考題) 

24. Betty, I haven't seen you for ages. How have you been? (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

25. _____ you but also he has to turn in the report by next Tuesday. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

26. His suggestion was so _____ that no one would even consider it. (108年度台中捷運考題_工程員、副站長、助理工程員(機械類)、助理工程員(電機電子類)、助理工程員(土木類)、工程員(資訊類)、專員(企劃行銷類)、專員(法務類)、專員(財會類)、工程員) 

27. Unfortunately, the cruise to Okinawa in July has no more _____, but it is still possible to reserve a cabin for the one in October. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

28. For information _____, users should change their passwords at least once every three months. (110年度桃園捷運第一次新進人員考題) 

29. The ______ of the two small companies will create the world’s largest computer manufacturers. (111年度台中捷運考題) 

30. A beam of light will not bend round corners unless     to do so with the help of a reflecting device. (106年度桃園捷運考題)

31. You need to sign a _____ with a cell phone service provider when you buy a new phone.(111年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員(一般類)) 

32. Some people ______ with the virus look and feel healthy, but still can pass the virus to others. (111年度台中捷運考題) 

33. The industrial trend is in the direction of more machines and _____ people. (107年中桃園捷運考題) 

34. In _____ about new technology, the company has released a video showcasing the world’s first self-parking office chair in action. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

35. The escalator is not ______ properly, so you had better take the stairs.  (111年度台中捷運考題) 

36. A: Do you know how often the train comes?
B: _____ .(111年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員(一般類)) 

37. A fire _____ on the boat, causing some of the sailors to jump off board. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

38. The police officers are dertermined to track down the bank robbers     it takes. (107年度桃園捷運考題) 

39. Eight million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans every year, _____ damage to this fragile ecosystem. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

40. Mary acted as if she _____ in a restaurant before. (107年度台北捷運考題_新進控制員(二)、工程員(二)、專員(二)) 

41. The fearful children _____ up to their mom and breathed like little calves waiting at the bars in the twilight. (108年度台中捷運考題_工程員、副站長、助理工程員(機械類)、助理工程員(電機電子類)、助理工程員(土木類)、工程員(資訊類)、專員(企劃行銷類)、專員(法務類)、專員(財會類)、工程員) 

42. _____ Friday’s snowstorm, the local electrical company was swamped with calls from residents in Franklin township reporting fallen wires and broken traffic lights. (106年度台北捷運考題_司機員、隨車站務員、站務員) 

43. Eric _____ that he had forgot his wife’s birthday, but minutes later he came to her with roses and wished her a happy birthday. (108年度台中捷運考題_站務員、技術員(常年大夜班類)、行控資訊員/票務員、事務員、站務員、技術員(常年大夜班維修類)) 

44.     , I believe I will go with you to the theater. (106年度桃園捷運考題)

45. Residents were in support of wind power but _____ the construction near their houses.(111年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員(一般類)) 

46. My girlfriend always _____ casually. (108年度台北捷運考題_新進司機員、技術員隨車站務員(護理、外語類)/站務員、行控資訊員) 

47. Iran's state TV says the country has _____ its first cyber police unit in the latest attempt by authorities to gain an edge in the digital world. (108年度桃園捷運考題) 

48. Susan: Excuse me, where should I change trains for the Bannan Line?
Henry: I have no idea. Listen! Here comes the announcement.
Announcement:Passengers taking the Bannan Line, please change trains at this station.
Susan:     (104年度桃園捷運考題) 

49. What did you see on your trip to Taipei City Zoo? (107年度台北捷運考題_新進工程員(三)) 

50. You can add the fluid to the powder, or _____, you can add the powder to the fluid.(109年度桃園捷運考題)