1. People with certain kinds of heart disease must     eating fatty foods.

2. While some bacteria are beneficial, others are     in that they cause disease.

3. We were asked by our tour guide on the shuttle bus from the airport to the resort to remain     until we reached our destination.

4. As     by his last album, which was released after his death, Ibrahim Ferrer had one of the most beautiful voices in Latin music.

5. The spellings of many Old English words have been preserved in the living language,     their pronunciations have changed.

6. Alcohol and drugs have     effect on young people.

7. The court found him     and he was released.

8. He is not a punctual person. Worst of all, he always gives     excuses for being late.

9. He earned more than 3 million dollars by undertaking a commercially     venture.

10. Since George scored high on TOEFL, he will     at Columbia this fall.

11.     lack of success and financial reward, Vincent van Gogh persevered with his painting.

12. Years later, in    , Steve Jobs realizes that he made the right decision—to drop out of college to start a business.

13. The lectures have been published in book form     numerous requests.

14. By the time I got to the end of his article, I felt I knew everything there     about the European Union Free Trade Agreement.

15. The company’s     on the formula expires after a number of years.

16. Unfortunately, his     attacks on the ramifications of the economic policy have been undermined by his wholehearted acceptance of that policy's underlying assumptions.

17. Did you     Japan for pleasure or on business?

18. The letter of recommendation, as well as the application forms,     ready to mail.

19. I was as     as I could be, but I still ended up several thousand dollars in debt.

20. We don’t want to put pressure on you but the future of the company is    ; we will only survive if you put off this deal.

21. Although we are spending a lot now, the new system will save us more money    .

22. Not until the first land plants developed    .

23. The bank will continue to transfer the interest to your current account     instructed otherwise.

24.     is guaranteed, or we will refund your money 100%.

25. Although I am racking my    , I just can’t think of the password.

26.     exposure to sunlight is one of the most common causes of skin cancer.

27. They will be     their behavior, whether they accept the responsibility or not.

28. When taking a drug for a while, some patients would gradually develop a     for it and need to be given a larger dose.

29. Writers usually     an ending chapter for a long time.

30.     inflation means that our wage increases soon become worth nothing.

31. Marison was a scientist of unusual insight and imagination who had startling success     discerning new and fundamental principles well in advance of their general recognition.

32. The airplane was flying at     of 25,000 feet.

33. I have trouble seeing the sign ahead clearly now because lots of dust is     in the sky.

34. Salt and sugar are usually used to     food.

35. According to one employee, who wishes to remain    , the company engaged in illegal activities.

36. The doctor advised him to have monthly check-ups     any return of symptoms might be detected immediately.

37. The end of year sales seminar will be held on     Saturday the 21st or Sunday the 22nd.

38. In February, China’s monthly box office receipts actually surpassed     in the U. S.

39. My uncle has a big beautiful house, which has twenty rooms crowded with delicate    .

40. Jessica,     when I need her, knows me very well.

41. Although the manager apologized many times for his poor decision, there was nothing he could do to     his mistake.

42. Y.C. Wang passed away in 2008 at the age of 91 as a business     with few rivals in Taiwan.

43. If all the manufacturers can     during this financial crisis, the economy may get better next quarter.

44. The man became a vegetarian several years ago after his recovery from a sudden stroke. He often talks about his experience to discourage people     any meat.

45. The leaves     as the wind blew.

46. Ebola virus continued to spread, with a new case     in Senegal.

47. In winter, many refugees near the coast have to take     in caves.

48. The pilot asked the passengers to     because they were flying through a storm.

49. The whole affair is an outrage and the authorities have done nothing to     it.

50. Before the baseball game, the coach attempted to     his players with an inspiring pep talk.