1. Although I am racking my    , I just can’t think of the password.

2. Paul is a famous chef. He always uses fresh     when he cooks.

3. The leaves     as the wind blew.

4. In winter, many refugees near the coast have to take     in caves.

5. Ebola virus continued to spread, with a new case     in Senegal.

6. Jessica,     when I need her, knows me very well.

7. Taiwan orchid producers have successfully mastered their art to the point that they now enjoy a     lead in the floricultural industry.

8. Mary likes to talk to her neighbor a lot. They often have a good     over the garden fence.

9. According to one employee, who wishes to remain    , the company engaged in illegal activities.

10. A     person does not talk with food in his mouth.

11. None of the jewelry     missing. Therefore, she was very satisfied and calm.

12. The lectures have been published in book form     numerous requests.

13. As     by his last album, which was released after his death, Ibrahim Ferrer had one of the most beautiful voices in Latin music.

14. He is not a punctual person. Worst of all, he always gives     excuses for being late.

15. People with certain kinds of heart disease must     eating fatty foods.

16. The court found him     and he was released.

17. It is     to fear Friday the 13th. Some people call it superstition.

18. The pilot asked the passengers to     because they were flying through a storm.

19. Although we are spending a lot now, the new system will save us more money    .

20. My brother had an accident while     how to ride a bicycle.

21. The letter of recommendation, as well as the application forms,     ready to mail.

22. Kate would have been the one hospitalized if she     to you and taken the flu vaccine.

23. Before the baseball game, the coach attempted to     his players with an inspiring pep talk.

24. The spellings of many Old English words have been preserved in the living language,     their pronunciations have changed.

25. The influence of the financial tsunami in 2008 was tremendous. The stock markets tumbled    .

26.    , the new government has done nothing but talk.

27. If John     satisfied with his TOEIC score, he wouldn’t be taking it again.

28. In February, China’s monthly box office receipts actually surpassed     in the U. S.

29. If you don’t hurry up with your proposal, by the time you present it to the screening committee, others     better ones.

30. Remember when you travel, you have to weigh carefully what you will bring with you and what you will    .

31. The town’s water-supply has been     by chemicals from the factory.

32. After her first Harry Potter book was published, Rowling went from a common housewife to a world-famous literary     practically overnight.

33. By the time I got to the end of his article, I felt I knew everything there     about the European Union Free Trade Agreement.

34. The company’s     on the formula expires after a number of years.

35. The Sunshine Non-Profit Foundation tried to persuade people not to     this store until it agreed to hire capable people with physical disabilities.

36. It is not appropriate to use any     language in front of children.

37. When we exchanged greetings with him, he had his eyes turned away. It was hard to tell if he was     happy to see us.

38. We don’t want to put pressure on you but the future of the company is    ; we will only survive if you put off this deal.

39. The banks complained that they     adequate notice regarding this new monetary policy.

40. I enjoy reading Harry Potter series as the story plot is really creative and    .

41. Although the manager apologized many times for his poor decision, there was nothing he could do to     his mistake.

42. Due to the rising costs, starting January 2017, the yearly     to this finance magazine will increase from $100 to $120.

43. Having experienced many failures, Jackson starts to fear     the future holds for him.

44. I have waited in front of this store for 2 hours     my friends finally show up.

45. Since George scored high on TOEFL, he will     at Columbia this fall.

46. The doctor advised him to have monthly check-ups     any return of symptoms might be detected immediately.

47. The airplane was flying at     of 25,000 feet.

48. A good way to keep your feelings of anxiety     is to meditate, relax, and calm yourself down.

49. Years later, in    , Steve Jobs realizes that he made the right decision—to drop out of college to start a business.

50. According to statistics, human error     90% of all car accidents.