1. He drives much [____] than his girl friend.

2. An open-minded city, Taipei [____] Asia’s first Gay Pride parade which has now become an annual autumn event.

3. Because of credit _____, many companies which have financial difficulties cannot get a loan from banks.

4. Paul’s [____] pursuit of knowledge is praised highly by his instructor.

5. Simms Engineering estimates that the proposed modifications _____ your original design will cost in the region of $200,000.

6. Although I live in an English-speaking environment, I still read Chinese books. [____] does having an English name reduce the importance of Chinese culture in my heart.

7. The waiter is [____] for us to follow him. He must have found a table for us.

8. Tom was [____] from his school for stealing and cheating on the exams.

9. Taiwan is famous [____] its many famous scenic spots, such as, Sun Moon Lake, Ali Mountain, etc.

10. You have worked so hard for a whole year-_____ taking a break.

11. A kind of natural disaster caused by earthquakes under the ocean and characterized by a sudden surge of giant and massive wave is known as [____].

12. These trainings will [____] you to find a job in one of the banks.

13. The good weather will [____] all the week.

14. The newly published book written by the former president contains many [____] issues on public policy and has aroused public argument and disapproval.

15. The farmer put a lot of [____] on his rice field, hoping that the crops may flourish.

16. A: What do you think of your new job in that company?B: Though there is lots of work to do, the salary is more than I expected.A: [____]

17. Due to food shortages, there will be a great number of _____ suffering from starvation in many poor countries.

18. A: My mother will be annoyed if we are late for dinner.B: _____

19. No one [____] the earthquake. All the villagers were killed in this unexpected accident.

20. A: Excuse me. Can I try this blouse on?B:[____]

21. The most important [____] in this cake are flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.

22. I sent Tom a present as a token of my [____] for his kind assistance.

23. Because the couple could not have children of their own, they planned to [____] an orphan.

24. Taiwan is [____] most countries for tourists.

25. During the one-month trial period, customers are under no _____ to sign any contracts.

26. An American may have great difficulty [____] a Chinese from a Japanese. To westerners, they are both Asian.

27. One of Hualien’s long-standing traditions is stone carving, which is not surprising considering the city’s main [____] is marble.

28. Although the farmers had to work in the mud, they were all pleased, [____] the rain had come in the nick of time.

29. A:“Here we are. I want to show you the living room. Do you like it?”B:[____]

30. The new technique in a Malaysia based garment manufacturing company has [____] them to double the production of the factory.

31. Hsin-chu Science Park [____] at the eastern suburb of Hsin-chu City.

32. Sherlock Holmes [____] smoke in the air and assumed the killer had not left for too long.

33. All the [____] on the city rail map are color-coded so that a traveler knows which direction she/he should take.

34. Many people stood in long lines to see the _____ of stamps at the museum.

35. After coming back from Europe, he told me everything about the trip [_____].

36. Whenever he gives help to those who are in need, his heart will be [____] with unspeakable joy.

37. Remember to [____] some sunscreen before you go to the beach.

38. My sister and I [____] never [____] to Singapore.

39. The loud singing from next door really [____] and I cannot concentrate on my reading.

40. A: Have you finished writing your annual report?B: Not yet. [____]

41. John felt the house shaken and [____] out immediately.

42. He fashioned himself as an executive in the mold of Jack Welch, [____] he’d worked at GE’s NBC.

43. I prefer a round table to a [____] one. Round represents completeness.

44. The typhoon that hit southern Taiwan [____] several houses.

45. After countless efforts, the missionary has finally raised a [____] amount of money to build a church.

46. Without your kind assistance, I [____] a very serious mistake.

47. To keep the glass clean, you need to wipe your mouth with the [____] before drinking the wine.

48. [____] by eating less will you lose some weight.

49. John was [____] from work today because he was sick.

50. I need to [____] fifty thousand dollars from my brother to buy a new car.