1. Cindy and her husband are so busy that it is difficult for them to [____] dates for a vacation.

2. There are different kinds of restaurants along the street,_____ from haute cuisine in five-star hotels to inexpensive stands selling traditional Taiwanese food.

3. The tourists were not able to [____] the hotel because it was booked up.

4. You’ve lived in California for a long time, [____]?

5. City [____] are always available at the local tourist information center.

6. After many years of moving, Daniel finally found a [____] home in the Dublin suburbs.

7. It was very kind of him to [____] my mistake. I’d never forget his kindness.

8. A:“Look at the line in front of the restaurant! We should have made a reservation.”B:[____]

9. A:Would you like a window seat, Sir?B:[____]

10. After a three-day strike, the employer and the employees have reached a consensus, and the factory has [____] operations.

11. The most important [____] in this cake are flour, eggs, sugar, and butter.

12. When an athlete won an event in the Olympic Games, musicians played the national anthem of his country and his national flag [____].

13. You look tired [_____] me. Did you stay up late last night?

14. He hurt his leg while climbing the mountain; [____], he would have participated in the charity event to raise money for the poor.

15. We look forward to [____] from you soon.

16. The candidates' challenge in the 2008 election was [____]: to get supporters out to the meetings and to win over the large numbers of undecided voters.

17. According to the health official, the rate of increasing number of cases is not beyond [____] is expected and the symptoms of all the patients are mild.

18. Only when you’re well-prepared will you be able to make the best use of every [____] for success when it comes.

19. He will pay a visit to my boss [____] the afternoon of 5th of March [____] half past ten.

20. I remember [____] him before. But I couldn’t remember the place and time.

21. Hsin-chu Science Park [____] at the eastern suburb of Hsin-chu City.

22. The post office announces: Sending packages containing [____] items is forbidden.

23. It was so dark that [____] anything.

24. After the summit meeting, both sides agreed to _____ fire so that the peace talks could go on.

25. A:“I’d like to see a movie shown at the Theatre Complex. Do you like to join me?”B:[____]

26. The corporation began sponsoring charity events so that its public image [____].

27. Ever since childhood, Marnette had always wished she [____].

28. Although I live in an English-speaking environment, I still read Chinese books. [____] does having an English name reduce the importance of Chinese culture in my heart.

29. To use a TravelPass, you have to insert it [____] the automatic stamping machine when you get off.

30. With such a big family _____ on the man, it would be a disaster if he loses his job.

31. While courts in the U.S. generally favor the mother in the event of a divorce, Taiwan family and divorce laws will grant custody to the father, [____] some other agreement is reached.

32. Taiwan is famous [____] its many famous scenic spots, such as, Sun Moon Lake, Ali Mountain, etc.

33. After moving from China to America, he not only experienced culture shock but also suffered [____] crisis.

34. For most readers, her diary was a record of her inner _____.

35. A:Can you tell me where I can catch the number 36 bus, please?B:[____]

36. Demographers study population growth or decline and things like [____], which means the movement of populations into cities.

37. [____] by eating less will you lose some weight.

38. The audience enthusiastically [____] the pianist on her amazing performance.

39. A: “How can I get to the post office?”B:[____]

40. During the one-month trial period, customers are under no _____ to sign any contracts.

41. The Presidential Office in Taiwan is a classic mix of European renaissance and baroque style architecture, [____] ornate with simple features.

42. Public [____] to voting is a problem in many democratic countries with low turnouts in elections.

43. The boss says that we must [____] our business promotion in the upcoming three months.

44. Many people stood in long lines to see the _____ of stamps at the museum.

45. Melanie forgot [____] her parents in Taiwan when she arrived safely in America.

46. Unlike other springs locations, Taian Hot Springs is relatively serene, with no more than six large-scale resorts in the area, so the place is not as [____] as Wulai and Beitou.

47. Among the things that money cannot buy [____] good health in the mind and body.

48. It is hard for me to [____] with vendors. I usually take the first price they offer.

49. After coming back from Europe, he told me everything about the trip [_____].

50. The trip to Africa was full of [____] and joys, and we all really enjoyed it.