1. Many of America’s parks and monuments have been made possible by the [____] donations of its citizens.

2. I need to [____] fifty thousand dollars from my brother to buy a new car.

3. Watch your manners. You are not supposed to be so [____].

4. The American government has decided to provide financial assistance to [____] the automobile industry. Car makers are relieved at the news.

5. Your car will be [____] away if you park it here without permission.

6. Don’t count your chickens before they are _____.

7. The corporation can offer more opportunities to the efficient and [____] employees and thus secure top-flight personnel.

8. The students were completely [____] about their graduation trip because the school wanted it to be a surprise.

9. A: Excuse me. Can I try this blouse on?B:[____]

10. A: You speak very good English.B: _____

11. Before you fly, please be sure to read the list of items [____] from being carried onto the plane. You must not bring any of these items to the security checkpoints.

12. A:“Hello. Could you put me through to Philip from the Sales Department, please?”B:[____]

13. After the summit meeting, both sides agreed to _____ fire so that the peace talks could go on.

14. Only when you’re well-prepared will you be able to make the best use of every [____] for success when it comes.

15. Cindy and her husband are so busy that it is difficult for them to [____] dates for a vacation.

16. After many years of moving, Daniel finally found a [____] home in the Dublin suburbs.

17. If you want to become a successful businessman, you have to work [____] and learn from the seniors.

18. It's getting late. Let's [____].

19. I look forward [____] you at the conference on “How to Prevent Suicide.”

20. The MRT system has greatly [____] this area; I can’t even recognize the location of my old school.

21. The time [____] is thirteen hours between Taipei and New York.

22. Giraffes sleep only _____ an hour at a time.

23. Even the typhoon is [_____], the flight still takes off on time.

24. He drives much [____] than his girl friend.

25. He is a [____] person. He doesn’t like changes but enjoys old ways of thinking.

26. The challenging job required a strong, successful, and [____] candidate.

27. The good weather will [____] all the week.

28. Peter: My hands really itch. I can’t stop scratching them.Robert: It looks like a rash. Are you allergic to anything?Peter: [____] It never happened to me before.

29. [_____] by the terrible scene, she couldn’t move at all.

30. Schizophrenia is a kind of [____] caused partially by utter isolation from the outside world.

31. The new technique in a Malaysia based garment manufacturing company has [____] them to double the production of the factory.

32. A: Hello, I'd like to speak to the manager, please.B:[____] A: I've a complaint to make. It's about the noise...

33. He will pay a visit to my boss [____] the afternoon of 5th of March [____] half past ten.

34. A: “Excuse me. May I come in?”B:[____]

35. She bought some carrots, potatoes and [____] to make salad.

36. A:Let’s study hard now and go skiing during this coming Christmas holidays.B:_____________ 

37. Every staff member in the post office must know that a good service [____] toward customers is important.

38. He was to my left, seated, since he couldn’t stand up for the hour his talk [____] last.

39. Delayed by a traffic jam, we were terribly late for a concert and had to wait until the [____] to enter.

40. An American may have great difficulty [____] a Chinese from a Japanese. To westerners, they are both Asian.

41. Taipei offers cheap and efficient public [____], e.g., its MRT and bus systems.

42. I love going away, but there’s no place like [____].

43. A: Shall I ring you later?B:[____]

44. The gentleman [____] the lady to the door of her flat and kissed her good night.

45. I haven’t [____] decided where to go on holiday.

46. The actress was considered a new star in the film industry. Her first performance caused quite a [____].

47. Though it is too early to say whether the storm will make [____] in Taiwan, it is predicted heavy rain for northern and eastern parts of the island over the coming days.

48. A: Make sure that you will be there on time tomorrow.B: [_____]

49. A: How do you like your egg?B:[____]

50. Retarded children are most [____] to physical abuses in a family.