1. Academic performance should not be [   ] purely by examination results, which concern only a limited aspect of learning.

2. Public education [   ] would need to be increased for small-size classes, teacher training programs and new E-learning facilities.

3. Michelle would certainly have attended advisory board meeting __ on the highway. 

4. There is a risk that the longer people put off their work, __ it will eventually get done. 

5. The Ministry of Finance announced tax [   ] for the victims of the 921 earthquake and of typhoon Toraji.

6. The coach, together with his team players, [   ] warmly welcomed when they got off the bus.

7. As he had grown up in the country, he was not [   ] to the fast pace of the city life when he first moved to Taipei.

8. A:Why did Judy leave? B: [   ]

9. Small businesses usually can respond to new market     fast and make necessary changes. 

10. The president’s reckless actions have [   ] his country into a disaster.

11. Kate lost her way while driving to River City. She [   ] her road map at home.

12. Since being slim is the trend, Margaret is trying to lose weight by [   ] herself.

13. He can type very fast. He __ type 80 words a minute. 

14. A:I am going absolutely crazy without my mobile phone. It’s been three days and I still haven’t found it. It’s my lifeline. B: [   ]. I don’t know why you are so dependent on it. I don’t have a mobile phone and I am doing just fine.

15. The president’s speech about the investment [   ] my own feelings.

16. Defined most broadly, folklore includes all the customs, beliefs, and traditions that people have __ from generation to generation. 

17. She could not concentrate when phone calls or visitors kept interrupting her thoughts, so she took a [   ] walk along the river, thinking over her career plan.

18. The controversial singer must [   ] 100 hours of community service for altering the age on his ID card.

19. In the previous year, you [   ] ballpoint pens and pocket calendars to my school. Will you do the same this year?

20. Of all the novels I’ve read, this one is __ interesting. 

21. The luxury tax is set to [   ] on July 1, but it has already dampened enthusiasm in the real estate market.

22. Volcanic [   ] grounded thousands of passengers and fliers across Europe last year.

23. If the weather is good, we     the company outing as scheduled. 

24. The secretary was [   ] for work because of the heavy traffic.

25. Oscar doesn’t like to watch baseball games. [   ] does his twin brother.

26. A:My goodness! There are so many people waiting outside! B: [   ] A: Maybe we should just go to another restaurant. Looks like it will take forever to go get in. B: That’s a good idea.

27. The escaping criminal [   ] himself as an old security guard, so the police failed to recognize him at first sight.

28. The [   ] of calcium may cause osteoporosis, and the patients may get bone fractures easily.

29. Just look at how much we [   ] when we worked together last week.

30. A lot of heavy smokers [   ] lung cancer every year.

31. It is essential that officials at all levels of government refuse to accept [   ] from business interests.

32. The MRT system has greatly [   ] this area; I can’t even recognize the location of my old school.

33. I had planned on going out last night, but [   ] prevented it.

34. Tigers are a(n) [   ] species, but they are still hunted for their bones and skins in some areas.

35. Please turn off the light. We should save [   ]; otherwise, the bill might go up again.

36. Athletes always wear clothes made of [   ] materials, so they may stretch their bodies without difficulty.

37. China is calling for a new global currency [   ] the dominant dollar.

38. You must keep [   ] whatever your boss tells you to do, or you may be fired.

39. [   ], I didn’t like Susie, but then I found she was a nice girl. Now we’re good friends.

40. 《Judy》:I am going to take the driving test tomorrow, and I am feeling so nervous. 《Joan》: Take it easy! I will [   ]. 《Judy》: Thanks. I hope that I can get my driver’s license as soon as possible.

41. Volcanic __ grounded thousands of passengers and fliers across Europe last year. 

42. Ms. Johnson was busy [   ] the house when the postman came.

43. Hotel guests who [   ] checking out after 1:00 P.M. should contact the front desk.

44. Though unwilling to follow his father’s footsteps, Jason still [   ] the family business when his father passed away.

45. The exterior of Tina's apartment has an exceptionally large [   ].

46. I [   ] the floor when the earthquake occurred late last night.

47. A: What are you doing this weekend, Emma? B: [   ]

48. On the average, a healthy heart __ to pump five tablespoons of blood with every beat. 

49. I [   ] out a document when my boss walked into the office.

50. The police arrested the suspect, but in the absence of [   ] he was set free soon.